Yucca rupicola

Common Name:  Twist-leaf Yucca

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yucca.rupicola.jpg (152814 bytes) Yucca rupicola inflorescencestalk.jpg (106252 bytes)
twisty leaves! young inflorescence stalk--this photo was taken in April.  By mid-may, this stalk will elongate to about 5 feet tall, and will be covered with large pendulous cream-white flowers (similar to the flowers of Yucca arkansana).

inflorescence in May flowers closeup--this is a good example of a flower with tepals.  Tepals are what we collectively call the sepals and petals when they are indistinguishable within a flower.  Also notice how these flowers hang--we refer to hanging  flowers as pendulous.

yucca.rupicola3.JPG (129554 bytes)
inside a Yucca rupicola flower--judging by the number of flower parts alone, is this a monocot or a dicot? old inflorescence (stalk is all that remains)